I’m Eleonora, freelance artist photographer based in the center of Italy.

Playful and inquisitive thinker.

I’m an artist fascinated by people and human soul.

I photograph Same Sex Weddings, Intimate weddings, Civil Unions, People, Events.

I work in consulting and corporate communication for small businesses that want to grow.


eleonora castelli photographer

Ogni seme che l’autunno getta nelle profondità della terra
ha un modo suo proprio di separare nucleo e involucro
al fine di formare le foglie, i fiori e i frutti.

Francesco Manara

eleonoraa castelli, destination photographer

I have had the honor of photographing the Violinist Francesco Manara
in the wonderful location of the Pinacoteca Civica in Ascoli Piceno, Italy.

My Pirelli Calendar

nude, fine art, eleonora castelli, artista, artist, photographer

D., An Italian woman who lived through the war.
A woman who has experienced the death of her young husband.
She struggled because her daughter did not die of hunger.


eleonora castelli photographer

Autumn is a romantic season for me, nature is abandoned to change. The smell of burnt wood describes the research of the soul places, a momentary hibernation.

“Nero” The cat


This is “Nero” whch means “Black” wow what a fantasy name!!
It is our black cat,
his history started in the middle of a street where probably he was

Alessandra + Simone Family


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